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Parsons Challenge #3

Those salt and pepper shakers at the diner, that handrail on the escalator in the mall, those 100 year old books at the local library, that table in the school cafeteria, those dollar bills from the convenience store, that doorknob of the public bathroom. All of these objects are exposed to hundreds of people every single day—drenched in fingerprints, crawling about the surfaces like invisible insects. All of these locations have been occupied and touched an infinite amount of times. People have visited major cities and towns across the world and have, at some point been in the same place, leaving behind a mark—a fingerprint. A memory and mark of their existence; the unseen fingerprints left behind are the only proof of being at that one place. The dollar bill is one of the most touched objects in the world. This basic essential to our society contains the stories of the different hands that had once held it. The different homes, cultures and lifestyles that it has passed through become a part of the past as soon as a new set of fingerprints claims it. The very dollar bill that lies within your hands could have traveled across the country and back, through the mountain towns of the Rocky‚Äôs and through the bustling city of Manhattan. To convey this belittled fact, my picture portrays a girl holding a dollar bill at the edges, covering the majority of her face only to leave her eyes in view. The absence of her identity leads to the concept of the unknown, as the many hands and fingerprints left behind on a dollar bill are unheard of.

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